David Claridge

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On the web

2015 Update

Another big move, I'm now in Seattle, Washington. Still working in Google's SRE organization, focusing on a different service supporting our Cloud Storage offerings. On the side I'm developing some open source software to make U2F easier for webmasters and application developers to adopt.

2012 Update

January this year I moved from Sydney to New York City to start working with Google as a Site Reliability Engineer.

I am not seeking employment or involvement with any additional projects at this time, but if you want to talk to me about your startup idea, plans to solve web authentication, or army of autonomous robots, feel free to send me an email.


PGP Public Key

Where'd this go? I had my PGP key pubished on this website for 6 years and not once received a piece of encrypted mail. The reality is, PGP isn't that usable, and most of the mail I receive isn't that sensitive anyway. Instead, if you want to send me mail securely: use Gmail, double-check the domain name in your browser window, check for the packlock icon indicating a trusted TLS certificate and no MITM attack, and keep your browser up to date.